Helping post-Series A founders become better leaders with renewed purpose, clarified focus and rekindled passion.

If you are the founder of a post-series A company, and you’re stressed, tired, confused or just up against it with nobody to talk to, contact me.

I’m a coach of founders. I’ve been there. I know how this feels. I can help.

Asia Founder Coaching is right for founders who:


Want to be better leaders


Are headquartered in Southeast Asia


Aspire to making a difference


Are ready and willing to be coached


Have raised at least a Series A round


Are looking to (re-)discover their purpose


Are seeking a non-aligned, apolitical voice they can rely on


Being the founder of a new venture is many things: It can be exhilarating, inspiring, exciting. But it can also be difficult and scary and stressful. There are financial and operational pressures, family expectations, investor concerns, team and HR issues, etc. And these only intensify as the stakes grow higher.

When you get to that point when you need somebody in your corner who understands what you’re going through (and we all do), it’s tough to find the right person.

That’s why I started Asia Founder Coaching. It’s a rigorous one-on-one coaching practice to help founders get through the tough times, sort out what’s important and rediscover their true purpose.

This is not an executive or leadership coaching practice that’s morphed to include founders. Rather, this is targeted specifically for post-Series A founders in Southeast Asia.

What I Offer

One-on-One Founder Coaching

Executive Team Intensives

Fingerprint for Success Culture Mapping and Recruitment Frameworks

I’ve built the Asia Founder Coaching practice because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. I know there’s a need. And I can help.

Combining my own founders’ experience, decades of real-life Asian operational know-how and a dialog-based query methodology, the Asia Founder Coaching partnership can help founders develop your own strategies and techniques for:

  • Reducing operational stress
  • Finding more energy, reducing fatigue
  • Developing sharper, more effective goals
  • Uncovering a truer identity
  • Easing the friction of worry and fear
  • Cultivating better decision-making processes
  • Breeding a sense of true confidence
  • Discovering a renewed mission clarity
  • And more…

About Paul

  • Founder/Co-Founder of several companies (including both successes and failures)
  • 2 Exits – one NASDAQ listing, one trade sale
  • Raised 10’s of millions of USD in angel and venture funding
  • 25+ years of operational experience and senior roles, from start-ups to Fortune 200
  • Hired and managed 100’s of employees around the region
  • Established and operated entities in 7 Asian countries
  • Mentored 100’s of start-ups regionally
  • Help build Asian Development Bank’s impact venture fund
  • Ran muru-D, Telstra’s leading regional accelerator program in Asia
  • Advisor and mentor for leading startup-focused programs in Asia (500 Startups, MOX, TechStars, Seedstars, SheLovesTech, Plug & Play, etc)
  • Angel investor in SEAsia and US markets
  • Popular regional speaker and author


Contact me here to schedule a free 30-minute session to see if we’re a good fit.


Marc LePage

Paul worked with us on our recent ADB-AIM Hackathon, where he served as a mentor, judge and moderator for one of our expert panels. Paul’s knowledge of start-ups and impact investing were hugely helpful for the start-ups, as was his empathetic touch and mentoring style. His panel, with industry leaders from around Asia, was fascinating and very well received as well. We look forward to working with Paul again in the near future.

– Marc LePage – Principal IT specialist (Technology Innovation), Asian Development Bank

Matthew Howden

We were a cohort company of muru-D in Singapore, which Paul was heading at the time. Paul worked with us (and other teams) to help craft our market expansion plans, better understand adjacent market opportunities and of course, work on our investor and customer pitches. We learned a lot from Paul and still rely on his counsel and support today (years later).

– Matthew Howden – Co-Founder/Co-CEO Idem Hospitality (now part of Groups360)

Dennis List

I worked with Paul last year (2019), traveling extensively across Southeast Asia interviewing, mentoring and advising start-ups in various verticals and maturity. Not only was I impressed by Paul’s knowledge of the different countries’ start-up cultures and dynamics, but also by his sensitivity to the needs and progress of the different founders – which often varied quite a bit. The founders obviously benefitted from their time working with Paul, and I enjoyed learning from someone whose been at the forefront of building up the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

– Dennis List – Program Manager at Techstars

Joao Dutra

Paul has been an enthusiast and supporter of Myanmar’s start-up community for years. The local ecosystem, given its nascent stage, imposes challenges to mentors, and Paul has been both flexible and diligent to realistically advise founders to succeed even in such a difficult and unique setting. Entrepreneurs who have the chance to experience Paul’s mentorship should take that chance right away.

– João Dutra – Accelerator Director at Phandeeyar: Myanmar Innovation Lab

Anna C Mallon

“I first met Paul some years ago, when he was the Head of Muru-D a corporate backed start-up accelerator in Singapore. He stood out by leading his team and the cohort of start-ups with humility, respect and inspiration. Paul’s experience in entrepreneurship and investment is vast and well respected in the ecosystem. He has led various programmes and has also gone through the founding journey himself (multiple times). Paul cares deeply about start-ups and people and would make a great coach and advisor for any team.”

– Anna C Mallon – Founder, The Creative Experience/Founder & CEO, StartUp2Life

Rosie Keller

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul in various mentorship, speaking, and coaching capacities throughout my work with Seedstars. Paul is incredibly warm, knowledgeable, and generous with his time, infectious enthusiasm, and expertise. Paul never hesitates to spend extra time and effort supporting the entrepreneurs from across Asia that we work with: I am always excited to introduce him to the founders, as I know they will come away enriched from his truly impressive wealth of experience and deep understanding of our field. Working with Paul is a true pleasure!”

– Rosie Keller – Regional Manager for Asia at Seedstars

Jenny Pan

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul Meyers as a coach and program director during our time at the Muru-D accelerator. His wide range of background and experiences, along with his caring approach, made sure we were looking after our business and ourselves. I’d highly recommend Paul to founders who need more personalized attention to scale and expand in South East Asia.”

– Jenny Pan – Founder & CEO of CarePod

Leanne Robers

“Paul is one of our (and our start-ups’) favourite coach and mentor. He has such a deep knowledge of start-ups – he’s helped our global start-up finalists with everything from perfecting their story and pitch, to working with them on building a robust business model, to guiding them to grow and scale in different countries. He’s extremely sharp in his advice, drawing from his years of experience, while remaining very patient and kind through it all.”

– Leanne Robers – Co-Founder at She Loves Tech

Amra Naidoo

“With over 25 years in Singapore and working around the region, Paul has both incredible breadth and depth of knowledge on the Southeast Asian landscape. In supporting start-ups, he brings his experience sitting on both sides of the investment table as an entrepreneur as well as an investor, combining his extensive network and his unique ability to always find a cautionary tale, success story or case study (usually from his own personal experience!)”

– Amra Naidoo – Co-Founder of Accelerating Asia and General Partner at Accelerating Asia Ventures

William Bao Bean

“Paul has been an amazing mentor at Chinaccelerator and MOX, helping our start-ups scale up and expand cross-border across Asia. I recommend start-ups that have product market fit and ready to take sales go to the next level work with Paul.”

– William Bao Bean – General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator, Managing Director at MOX